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Owner & Lead Artist

Lori is the lead artist and owner of Mosaic On A Stick since 2004! She works with and for the community, and has over twenty years of experience making outdoor public art mosaics. Lori is well-known for creating pieces about healing and recovering from trauma. She believes the process of making art is healing, and she believes there is power in working together to create a work of art and see it through to the finished piece. Click the link below to read more about her.




Artist's Assistant

Tara has spent the last 20 years making mosaics and has been a part of Mosaic on a Stick since it was just a baby. She enjoys using her sense of humor to guide her mosaics and often uses dishes with images and words to accent her pieces. She loves how her mosaics take on lives of their own and often end up much different than what was intended. Her approach is to allow herself to be playful and not take her work too seriously. She is a proud member of MOAS and cherishes all the people she has met and projects she has been a part of.




Artist's Assistant, Photographer, Web Developer

Adrienne started making mosaics when she was just a kid, and she has been with us since 2011. With 11 pets she has an obvious love for animals, big and small, and they often find their way into her art. Unlike many artists, Adrienne loves science and math. Calculations and curiosity turn into creativity and inform her work. Working with Lori she has helped install over 3000 square feet of mosaic, taught over 50 classes, and made many friends.




Artist's Assistant, Community Coordinator

Juliette has loved the community and collaborative environment at Mosaic On A Stick ever since she joined the team in 2018. She identifies as a queer, mixed-race Chinese-American mosaic artist and muralist and she has a deep passion for public art and connecting with people. She teaches the Glass Mandala class and helps with building the community and public art projects. Juliette's artwork is influenced by her relationship with nature, connection with ancestors, and intersectional identities. She enjoys getting outside, foraging, painting murals, gardening, dancing, eating, and telling long stories.




Artist's Assistant

Tachianna views artistic expression as a sacred way of healing and representing the stories within her body that are not written in a language  not easily understood. She grew up in Northern Minnesota and now spends much of her time advocating for voices and experiences not recognized as powerful. 
Tachianna has a BA in anthropology from Hamline University and makes art in many mediums including oil and acrylic painting, glass and ceramic tile, ink, sharpie, poetry and digital art. Her free time is spent with her grandparents, by the ocean, with her plants, and with her pets.




Official Greeter

Mahto is our doggo in residence. He is primarily responsible for announcing any sudden changes, such as new people, loud noises, and great food smells. He has recently been promoted from floor licker to door greeter. He is doing a great job of climbing the corporate ladder, but he still had big goals. Mahto is sure he is going to be able to catch his tail one day.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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