Contrary to popular belief, mosaic artists don't just "break" tiles -- we "cut" tiles using tile cutting tools. We carry a variety of mosaic tools and love to give demonstrations on how to use them - stop in and try them out!

The Leponitt mosaic glass cutter the best wheeled cutter available

Score Breakers, hand tile cutters, are great for creating shapes (this tool takes a little practice, but it's well worth it).

Nips, also called Side-biters, are hand-held tools for cutting tiles, dishes, and other fun mosaic "stuff".

Pistol Grip Glass Cutters are a necessity for anyone doing mosaics with stained glass. We also carry glass breakers to make the job that much easier.

Score Snap tile cutters are also available at the Stick. This table top tile cutter is amazing for making straight cuts. It's our favorite. Be warned that not all score snaps are created equally - trust us on this. We've searched high and low to find a high quality score snap to sell at the Stick. The good news is, we've found one!

Hot Wire Styrofoam carving tools, an excellent new product. Pro 3D modeling & sculpting tools cut polystyrene foam like a hot knife through butter.


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