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Contrary to popular belief, mosaic artists don't just "break" tiles -- we cut tiles using tile cutting tools.

Here at the Stick we sell a variety of tools that can be used on indoor tile, outdoor tile, glass, and ceramic or porcelain plates. We're happy to give demonstrations on how to use the tools so you can try them out to figure out which ones you want to use.

Indoor Tile & Glass Nipper (Leponitts)

This tool is our favorite! Great for indoor tile, glass, or breaking up ceramic plates. These nippers will cut random, organic shapes. It you want to take a more meticulous approach, take a look at the score and snap tools below!


Outdoor Tile Nipper (Currently out of stock- call us to preorder.)

This nipper is just for outdoor tile! Use it to tackle stubborn thick tiles that make your Leponitts wish it worked out more.


Want your cuts to be more precise? Use the score-snap! Great for outdoor and indoor tile (not glass). Use this tool cut both straight and curved lines. With this two-in-one tool you can score and break your tile to shapes you want.


Glass Cutter + Running Pliers

Make precise cuts in glass with the two part score and snap. Use the scoring tool to mark the glass, and break it with the running pliers. Or your hands? But we think you should use the running pliers!

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