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We believe that the root of art-making is about healing. Mosaic on a Stick was born into existence in 2004 with the intention of creating an inclusive space for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to come and create art, connect with people, and find joy and connection. Since our inception, we have created numerous large-scale mosaic murals, sculptures, and community projects all around the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. We have offered beginner to advanced-level classes on all different topics and have gotten countless people of all ages started on their mosaic journey. We have even cultivated a community of beloved "regulars" who have been coming to create artwork in the open studio space for over a decade.

Mosaic On A Stick is a Black/Indigenous/woman-owned mosaic studio that puts accessibility to art and creative expression at the center of our values. We are a community art space created to promote mosaic art by selling quality supplies, teaching mosaic classes, and creating public, private, and commercial commissions. We are a studio that strives to be socially responsible in our work, invested in the community, and passionate about mosaics and the people who create them.

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Owner and Lead Artist

Mosaic artist and sculptor, Lori Greene, identifies as a community and public artist. She works with and for the community, and has over twenty years of experience making outdoor public art mosaics. Lori is well-known for creating pieces about healing and recovering from trauma. She believes the process of making art is healing, and she believes there is power in working together to create a work of art and see it through to the finished piece. She works with intention, with an open heart, and with love. Her process involves listening, feeling, researching, and of course the building of the mosaic. It is a long process, but it is a labor of love.

As a multiracial (African American, Native American- Mississippi band of Choctaw, and Caucasian) woman, Lori brings a unique voice and perspective to public art that has not always been represented. Her identity as a woman of color is very visible in her work, as demonstrated through the narratives of her pieces and the people who are represented in them. Lori's work is bold, colorful, and unapologetic. Patterns, symbols, and motifs reflecting her intersecting cultural identities interweave themselves throughout her works like a visual language. Within them lies stories of survival, interconnection, resilience, and a deep connection to the ancestors. Through Lori's artistic process she works to honor the legacies of BIPOC people and decolonize our relationship to mother nature. Made with love, her works serve as prayers for a future of justice, perseverance, and intergenerational healing.

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Mosaic Assistant

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Mosaic Assistant & Mosaic Instructor



Mosaic Assistant

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Mosaic Assistant



Studio Dog

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