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You are not alone. We believe you. We stand with you.

The first of its kind, this memorial is dedicated to survivors of sexual violence and trauma, and includes five large panels of mosaic art created by Lori Greene. This project began in 2015 when community organizer, Sarah Super, approached Lori to create a mosaic artwork that would serve as a memorial to survivors of sexual violence. The panels speak to the nonlinear journey of healing from the traumatic experience of sexual violence, as well as the many stages of grief, isolation, recovery, and hope. Written on the sides of the panels read the words, “We Believe You”, ‘We Stand With You”, and “You Are Not Alone”. A circular structure of benches lays adjacent to the panels as a space for intentional gathering, community healing, and dialogue. Patterns of concentric circles in the concrete represent the power of the ripple effect, as we connect with other survivors and share our stories.

Creating these panels was a service of love. This vibrant public art installation is a hopeful reminder that in the midst of harrowing trauma and despair, it is possible for survivors to one day find beauty again in their lives. Lori hopes that the panels can help other survivors heal, and let them know they were not alone. “I wanted the pieces to say I see you. I know you. I am here for you.”

This memorial lives next to the Mississippi River on Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. Click the link below for more information about the Break the Silence Project.

Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence: Get Involved


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