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Make Anything Into Art

The Stick has a wide variety of fun, funky, and functional mosaic bases. Plus, the surfaces have been prepped for mosaics, so you don't have to mess around with that before you can begin your project. Choose from mirrors, frames, votives, fish, dogs, flowers, and more. And there are always bound to be some unexpected surprises too - that's all part of the fun!


Outdoor & Indoor

The Stick carries the fabulous Wedi Board - a lightweight tile backer board that's loved by mosaic artists around the world. Sheets are sold in many sizes and thicknesses - try it. You'll like it. We swear. And swearing is serious business. So there.




We carry wood cutouts and picture frames. All of our wood bases have been pre-treated to ensure your mosaic lives a long and happy life!



Mesh is super flexible - literarily! It can wrap around objects, and it allows you to easily pull tiles off while you are designing, making it our most forgiving base.

Mosaic Bases: Programs
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