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In case you haven't been able to tell, we're more than just a little art supply shop. We're people that care. A lot. About a lot of different stuff. Mostly we just want to make the world a better place by being most fully our best selves. And the way we do that at the Stick is through art. And people. We hope that by bringing art and people together and pushing that art and those people to say something and to be something that we will all grow stronger as individuals and as communities.

Community art is art made by people. Lots of people. Anyone in the community that wants to participate. Big people, little people, people that can see, people that can't. People that are artistic, people that aren't. But that's not the point. The purpose of community art, as we see it, is to involve a broad family of people in the creative process. And we do that with broken tile and cut glass and lots of shiny gems. And big hearts. Yeah, that's it. Big hearts. And all these people, together, create. And, with a little guidance from us and a whole lotta magic, something beautiful materializes - it often amazes us. So many hands and fingers and eyes and stories are embedded in the community mosaics that you'll see here. Again and again, we've been part of the magic that happens when hands are busy and hearts are free. So, stand back, throw your eyes out of focus a bit, and enjoy.

Community Art Gallery

Collaborative Mosaic: The Mosaic Body

28 pieces, one image. Collaborative Project: The Mosaic Body is a creative collaboration of many different artists. The woman stares out- poised yet relaxed, protective yet fierce, cautious yet unwavering, and in full embrace of herself in all her complexities. The image of the woman was drawn out onto one large piece of Wedi board by Lori and Juliette, then cut up into 28 pieces each containing individual images ambiguous in their lines and shapes. Everyone who participated was given a Wedi board square, and had no knowledge of what the full image looked like. The only rules were to follow the red outlines with red tile, and fill in the shapes with any color, and any pattern. When all the pieces were returned, they were then reassembled into the original image. The result you see here is the original drawing now filled in with the individual voices and imaginations of each artist who took part.

Hamline Midway Library Community Mosaic (2018)

This mosaic was created with and for the vibrant community of the Hamline-Midway neighborhoods in Saint Paul. Lori created the design based on what the community members wanted to see. Workshop days were then hosted outside the library and were open to the public- people of all ages came and participated, and for many it was their first time making a mosaic artwork. This nature-inspired and community-fueled mosaic now stands proudly at the Hamline Midway Library, built with the hands of the neighborhood members.

Bush Foundation Collaborative Community Mosaic (2016)

This collaborative mosaic was made with members of the Bush Foundation. Lori created a design on Wedi board, cut it into 12 pieces, and everyone in the group completed a square without knowing what the final design would look like. This was one of the first projects of its kind that Lori experimented with, and inspired her to expand the possibilities of this kind of collaboration.

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